Site Plan

The site for College Heights was a rock quarry, now abandoned and undeveloped, leaving a large, flat rock floor behind. This map shows the orientation of College Heights and how the 732 unit parcels may be allocated across the 29.6 acres.

College Heights Site Plan
Project Area Acreagesq ftacrespercent
Foothill Trail127,7302.9316%
Model Homes8,6520.201%
Residential lots474,57910.8959%
4 pocket parks11,8720.271%
Village Center20,5660.473%
Center parking13,8070.322%
College Heights Avenue15,3160.352%
Total 809,30318.58100.0%

Project area acreage

The PG&E right-of-way

The PG&E property has an easement for a road from Bee to the property. The PG&E property is a power line right-of-way 200 feet wide. We will also work with PG&E to get a small area for a community orchard and garden, and for the Foothill Trail at the north and the south ends. The PG&E corridor on the East side will have an access road to the parking podium named College Heights Avenue. Palisade Street will extend to College Heights Avenue as a busway.

PG&E areassq ftAcres
Busway on PG&E6,7200.15
New grading to create a smooth rock face5,7900.13
Community garden and orchard20,0000.46
Foothill Trail easements, north and south ends3,3540.08
Existing Conditionssq ftacrespercent
Undevelopable Area   
Crevice Creek Riparian Corridor. Ravine, creek on north side230,0005.2817.8%
Steep Cut Slope on east side, existing176,9404.0613.7%
Steep Rock Slope on east side, proposed36,5000.842.8%
West Area. steep drop off and slope over 25%35,9300.822.8%
Developable area
main flat pit470,72410.8136.5%
deep pit, northwest corner66,1631.525.1%
from middle high ground to south end183,6104.2214.2%
total developable area810,78718.6162.8%
Total property1,290,15729.62100.0%

The Site Plan

The undevelopable area, already shown above under Existing Conditions, consists of a large riparian area on the North side, a rocky slope on the East side, and steep land on the West side. The developable area of the quarry floor will host housing, walkways, pocket parks, the Village Center, and The Foothill Trail, a large regional and recreational trail. The buildable/walkable area will sit on top of a podium, with the area for private car parking underneath.

College Heights envisions eleven acres of surrounding open space, two acres of internal parks, the Foothill Trail, and a trail up to a picnic area overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The plan has native landscaping, small picnic parks, two plazas, a bocce court, and a tot lot.

There is a need for public parking, but it needs to be kept out of the walking area. We are planning a small public parking lot south of Palisade Street where it is close to the Village Center without imposing on the walking areas. There is also a need for parking for car share, car rental, taxi, and ride share (Uber, Lyft), and can be used for the same purposes as private cars. For short-term parking, public cars could use the bus lane and 10 parking spaces by the Community Center.

There will be a new intersection with a traffic signal on Bee. College Heights Avenue will cross the PGE right-of-way (ROW) to reach the parking podium. The intersection will accommodate all turning movements.