In 2019 HAPA began informing potential investors about the opportunity presented by the project. We got contact information on many investors from Prequin. This effort continued into 2024. We sent emails to Lennar, Integral Communities, and 38 other homebuilders. We sent emails and brochures to Real Estate Consulting firms, environmental interest groups, various agencies of the State of California, legislators, building trade unions, housing trusts, affordable housing agencies, LLCs, engineering firms. We sent hard copy letters and emails to mega-billionaire new tech giants, non-profit housing advocacy agencies and more. Our database had categories for Academia, Banks, Billionaires, Brokers, Builders, 3 story THs, Businesses, Civil Organizations, Climate, Consultant, Faith, Foundations, Funds, High rise, Housing agencies, Investors, Media, Multifamily Businesses, Private banks, Raters, Bay Area Real Estate Funds, Real Estate Investment Services, Retirees, Social Equity, and Solar Companies.

We have sent hundreds, maybe thousands of messages. No one would touch it—we suspect it was too innovative for them. Encore and other investors in Culdesac in Phoenix, were also not interested.

The State of California could supply some of the funding if a major developer is committed to funding most of the project. Interested state agencies are the Strategic Growth Council, the Tax Credit Allocation Committee, the Office of Planning and Research, the California Air Resources Board, and the State Department of Housing.