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January 24, 2020, San Francisco Chronicle

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Recommended Reading

December 5, 2023: Pontevedra: The City that Pioneered Europe’s Car-Free Future, Pontevedra banned cars decades before most cities started to think about reclaiming streets for pedestrians.

Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States

The Automobile Shapes The City; Suburban Communities by Martin V. Melosi

Victoria Transport Policy Institute, November 20, 2023, Parking Requirement Impacts on Housing Affordability, The Costs of Residential Parking Mandates and Benefits of Reforms.

For the World Carfree Network go to

February 15, 2023 article on cities for those who hate driving

For the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED), the UK’s largest carbon-neutral eco-community, go to

For excellent reports on European carfree projects, go to Jan Scheurer, Urban Ecology, Innovations in Housing Policy and the Future of Cities: Towards Sustainability in Neighbourhood Communities especially chapters 16 and 17, and to his Carfree Housing in European Cities – A Survey of Sustainable Residential Development Projects at

For an interesting article on Zipcar and other car-sharing go to

Terry Tamminen, Lives Per Gallon, The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction, Island Press, 2006

Chris Balish, How to Live Well Without a Car, Ten Speed Press, 2006, $12.95, 216 pages Reviewed by Brian Smith, In Brief, Earthjustice, Winter 2006-07:
Chris Balish, – – – a television journalist and former owner of a large and expensive SUV, decided to ditch his behemoth, get into shape, and protect the environment all at the same time. This personal finance/self-help book tells the story of his transformation and what he learned in the process of going car-free. Imagine an extra $8,410 in your pocket every year. (That’s what the average American spends on owning a car.) Balish’s tome is a how-to book for people seeking a less stressful and more financially secure lifestyle. He isn’t against driving the occasional rental car or joining a local car-sharing club. But his argument for bikes, transit, and a car-free lifestyle is convincing and, in practice, very doable. (Full disclosure: This reviewer’s been car-free for five years now and can vouch that Balish reveals all the best-kept secrets of the car-free leisure class.)