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The City of Hayward has already approved the basic concepts of the project in its Program Environmental Impact Report and in its Sustainable Mixed Use land use designation and zoning. In May, 2024, the Hayward City Council passed Resolution 24-088 supporting College Heights. The developer who buys the land from the City of Hayward would control the property and the project. The developer could be an LLC formed by investors which retains a management team, or a development firm, with investors and management team already in one company. The eventual project could be similar to College Heights, something conventional, or anything in-between. HAPA’s involvement and my role (Sherman Lewis) would be determined by the developer. I would like to find a way to continue working collaboratively, without compensation, on the College Heights concept, and my wife and I want to live there.
If a developer pursues a College Heights-style project, it would need a relatively modest set of City approvals: a Planned-Development rezoning, a tentative map, and various storm water discharge permits. The property appears to be free of any protected plant and animal species, inasmuch as it is a former quarry site and consists of exposed granite largely devoid of any vegetation. More information is in the project Overview and supporting documents on the web and is available by contacting us directly.

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