The Quarry Today

College Heights will be built on a former quarry property of almost 30 acres now owned by the City of Hayward.

Existing Conditions

Image of the potential housing development site off Overlook Avenue near Carlos Bee Boulevard, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020, in Hayward, Calif. Santiago Mejia / The San Francisco Chronicle

The original project name was Quarry Village, and the name still has its partisans. Then Bayview Village, and now College Heights. The site has 29.63 acres and features steeply-sloped open space perimeters around most of the developable area, giving the project strong geographical separation from adjacent land uses. The north side has a long arc of a heavily-wooded deep ravine with “Crevice Creek,” an unnamed drainage on USGS 7.5 minute maps. The creek starts in the Old Highlands by Dobbel Ave, is buried under a Cal State East Bay parking lot, comes out into the open on the west side of Campus Drive, where it runs on the north side of City View Apartments and the quarry site. Crevice Creek then runs down to Mission Blvd., goes underground, and goes into Ward Creek. North of the creek is a single-family neighborhood along Highland Blvd.

On the east side of the site is a steep rock slope left by quarrying, a part of which will be recontoured. Further east is a PG&E utility corridor 200 feet wide  and then the City View Apartments. The site narrows down to the south, stopping short of Bee. On the west side, the site connects to Palisade Street and then drops down steeply to the single-family neighborhood on Redstone Place well below the site.

The developable area within the site is 18.61 acres. The large flat rock floor of the old quarry dominates the site. The narrower south side has higher ground and a long pile of overburden left over from quarrying. On the west side is a knoll with views of the Bay and the quarry floor.

Existing Conditionssquare feetacrespercent
Undevelopable Area   
Crevice Creek Riparian Corridor, a ravine, north side230,0005.2817.8%
Steep Cut Slope on east side, existing176,9404.0613.7%
Steep Rock Slope on east side, proposed36,5000.842.8%
West Area. steep drop off and slope over 25%35,9300.822.8%
Developable area
Main flat pit470,72410.8136.5%
Deep pit, northwest corner66,1631.525.1%
From middle high ground to south end183,6104.2214.2%
Total developable area810,78718.6162.8%
Total property1,290,15729.62100.0%