Recommended Reading

For the World Carfree Network go to

For the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED), the UK’s largest carbon-neutral eco-community, go to

For excellent reports on European carfree projects, go to Jan Scheurer, Urban Ecology, Innovations in Housing Policy and the Future of Cities: Towards Sustainability in Neighbourhood Communities especially chapters 16 and 17, and to his Carfree Housing in European Cities – A Survey of Sustainable Residential Development Projects at

For an interesting article on Zipcar and other car-sharing go to

Terry Tamminen, Lives Per Gallon, The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction, Island Press, 2006

Chris Balish, How to Live Well Without a Car, Ten Speed Press, 2006, $12.95, 216 pages Reviewed by Brian Smith, In Brief, Earthjustice, Winter 2006-07:
Chris Balish, – – – a television journalist and former owner of a large and expensive SUV, decided to ditch his behemoth, get into shape, and protect the environment all at the same time. This personal finance/self-help book tells the story of his transformation and what he learned in the process of going car-free. Imagine an extra $8,410 in your pocket every year. (That’s what the average American spends on owning a car.) Balish’s tome is a how-to book for people seeking a less stressful and more financially secure lifestyle. He isn’t against driving the occasional rental car or joining a local car-sharing club. But his argument for bikes, transit, and a car-free lifestyle is convincing and, in practice, very doable. (Full disclosure: This reviewer’s been car-free for five years now and can vouch that Balish reveals all the best-kept secrets of the car-free leisure class.)

February 15, 2023 article on cities for those who hate driving:,get%20you%20anywhere%20you%20want